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GRMS Automotive Industry Report

Aon's Global Risk Management Survey for Automotive Industry underscores that companies are grappling with new and traditional risks across both risk and human capital.

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Aon's Global Risk Management Survey, the ninth of its kind since 2007, is designed to offer Automotive organizations risk and human capital related insights, helping them be better informed so they can make better decisions to compete in an increasingly complex business environment.

Conducted every two years in 11 languages, the survey gathered input from 2,842 respondents in 61countries/territories and 16 key industries, at public and private companies of all sizes.

The findings from this survey underscore that companies are grappling with new risks - and traditional risks in new guises - across both risk and human capital, and highlights the difference in opinion on how to best prioritize and respond to them.

This report shows answers from respondents in this industry benchmarked against the overall respondent base. We encourage you to review the report to help you understand how your attitude towards risk compares to your peers' and better understand upcoming trends.