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U.S. Pension Risk Transfer Annuity Settlement Market Update

Read Aon’s US pension risk transfer market update to learn about the trends & themes in the marketplace, increased interest from insurers, pricing results from 2020 transactions, and considerations.

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It took a worldwide pandemic to slow the growth of the U.S. pension risk transfer (PRT) market. 2020 was still a very solid year with 441 transactions and $26.9 billion in premiums, but it was the first year since 2013 where premiums decreased from the prior year.

This U.S. pension risk transfer market update will highlight the activity from 2020 – a strong start, the slowdown due to COVID-19, and the best 4th quarter since 2012. It will also touch on:

  • Trends and themes in the marketplace;
  • Increased interest from insurers;
  • Pricing results from 2020 transactions; and
  • Considerations when preparing for a transaction

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