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2023 Investment Outlook – Opportunity, Volatility and Responsible Investment

As we begin 2023, we are facing an uncertain market landscape driven by inflation, less liquidity in economies, and geo-politics. In the US, the Fed has committed to raising rates to temper inflation, but are these actions enough and what will be the consequences for the markets and the economy?  How should investors be thinking about portfolios in this environment?

Watch our webinar replay, where we dive into Aon’s 2023 outlook, portfolio positioning, and considerations for clients with a focus on responsible investment.

We also discuss the implications of the Department of Labor's long-awaited final rule on ESG factors when selecting investments. Also, what the impact will be of new regulatory measures be on investing, labor and retirement provisions.


Beth Halberstadt
Defined Contribution Solutions Leader

Daniel Ingram
Partner, Responsible Investing

Russ Ivinjack
Global Chief Investment Officer

Jas Thandi
Head of Global Asset Allocation