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Addressing Cost & Affordability Concerns in an Uncertain Market

Slowing economic growth makes it difficult for organizations to absorb rising healthcare costs and has created a vexing affordability problem. However, the need for creating strategies to address the affordability challenges oftentimes conflicts directly with the need to maintain employee satisfaction and stabilize workforce retention.

During this webcast replay, you will learn how:

  • Affordability of care for employees is a barrier to achieving other top benefits priorities
  • To balance the competing pressures to invest in attractive benefits programs meanwhile limiting spend
  • You can use your basic census data to inform a range of actions to reduce the strain of cost on your organization


Learn how, with just a few census data points, our Health, Equity and Affordability Tool helps you connect and understand organizational relationships between healthcare costs and affordability, demographics, physical and mental health conditions, health habits, plan design, geography, healthcare labor supply and work productivity.