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Where Does Your Plan Stand? Retirement Strategies in a Changing World

Organizations are accustomed to navigating new forms of change on a regular basis. They are rising to meet new challenges, while learning to be nimble and deal with the unexpected. What has this meant for retirement programs, and how are organizations handling the decision making-process? Where does your plan stand and can we partner to make better decisions for your plan going forward?

As we look towards a new year, we recommend that organizations assess priorities and consider their approach to year-end financials, 2022 budgets, and other retirement plan initiatives. Watch the webinar replay for this hands on discussion where we address:

  • Capital market changes, COVID-19 developments, and implications in the short- and long-term
  • American Rescue Plan Act’s impact on plan sponsors’ investment strategies
  • Pension liability transfer updates and outlook for 2022
  • Employee considerations including diversity, equity, and inclusion for retirement plans