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Lessons Learned from COVID-19: Preparing for Future Risks and Reshaping the Workforce of the Future

As the Biden Administration’s vaccination plan continues to expand, organizations are increasingly ramping up plans for a return to the workplace. What lessons have we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and what do these strategies portend as organizations work to enhance resilience and sustainability in advance of future Black Swan events (and Grey Swan events), from climate change to pandemics? The fifth and final installment in Aon’s COVID-19 Vaccination Planning will explore these questions and focus on the following topical areas:

  • Navigating New Forms of Volatility
  • Building a Resilient Workforce
  • Rethinking Access to Capital
  • Addressing the Underserved

Speaker Details

Hosted by:

  • Nancy Green, CPCU, ARM, Executive Vice President, Global Client Promise Leader and Leader of Aon’s Global COVID-19 Task Force, Aon
  • Marinus van Driel, PhD, Associate Partner and North American Leader, Workforce Optimization, Human Capital Solutions, Aon
  • Scott Bolton, Director – GBC Crisis Management, Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon
  • Dawn Conrad, Executive Vice President, Strategic Advisory Solutions, Commercial Risk Solutions, Aon

A PDF of the presentation is available for download.