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IPO Readiness / Proven Strategies for Success

Join us as we hear from various industry experts as they discuss the legal, accounting/tax, insurance and exchange considerations when planning an IPO. 2021 is already outpacing IPO listing in all previous years, thanks in large part to record stock prices. Traditional IPOs have raised $155 billion year to date, up 184.7% from a year ago. There have been over 400 IPOs filed so far in 2021, a 106.4% increase compared with the same period in 2020.This raises the question, are you ready to go public? What does it mean to be IPO ready and are you a candidate to go public?


  • Discuss the current state of the IPO market
  • Preparing for an IPO from a legal/accounting/tax perspective
  • Is your board properly protected
  • Requirements for going public, such as filing requirements, due diligence, adviser selection, board structure, and filling out your management team
  • Choosing an exchange: why it matters
  • Post IPO-What to expect once you are public: financial reporting, corporate governance, insurance considerations