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Unlocking the Power of Age Diversity: How Prioritizing Wellbeing Across Generations Drives Business Success

As the modern workplace continues to evolve with newer technologies and changes in societal norms, there has been growing emphasis on creating a more diverse and inclusive environment. While it is well-established that diversity in the workplace has numerous benefits such as increased creativity and improved bottom-line results, one aspect that is often overlooked is age diversity. Enterprises that invest in a multigenerational workforce have a competitive advantage due to the breadth of experience, ideas, and perspectives that each generation brings.

Equally important is prioritizing the wellbeing of each generation in the workplace. This requires a deep understanding of the various age groups and their specific needs, including flexible work hours, opportunities for cross-generational mentoring, and resources for mental health support. By prioritizing wellbeing across all age groups, businesses can create a holistic work environment that encourages every team member to thrive and excel.

Watch our webinar replay to learn more about how to build a multigenerational workplace that fosters creativity, innovation, and wellbeing for all. Our insightful discussion offers concrete strategies and actionable insights to drive the success of your business.


Elisha Engelen

Elisha is a Vice President on Aon’s U.S. Health Transformation Team. She is a member of the U.S. Health Transformation Leadership Team. She is a leader for the Minneapolis Apprentice Program. Her role is to partner globally with Aon colleagues and client leaders to understand the current employee wellbeing strategy, culture, and utilization to inform needed changes or enhancements. Her role also includes people leadership, which includes developing the next leaders at Aon.

Erin Dick

Erin is Assistant Vice President, Wellbeing Solutions at Aon Canada, focused on guiding clients along their mental health journey through expert consulting and best in class solutions. With nearly 20 years of industry experience, Erin is passionate about supporting organizations in their people focused approach that aims to build a culture of health and resilience, and helps companies sustain even the toughest of times. Her areas of specialty include assessment, strategic planning, leadership practices and alignment with the National Standard for Psychological Health and Safety.

Nicole Moran

Nicole is Assistant Vice President, Health Solutions in Toronto, Canada. With 15 years’ experience in the Health Benefits industry, Nicole works with organizations to find innovative ways of creating sustainable benefits programs that meet the needs of a diverse employee population. Nicole coordinates with all of Aon’s many different practices and resources to ensure that our clients are provided holistic support for the best possible outcome. Nicole’s areas of focus include strategic management of benefits plans, effective plan design, cost containment, employee communication and DE&I benefits strategy.