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Pooled Employer Plans – The Basics & Beyond

Help Improve Your 401(k) Plan and Retirement Outcomes

PEPs allow employers to define their own plan design while transferring most fiduciary obligations and administrative duties. Learn how Pooled Employer Plans (PEPs) offer a competitive 401(k) benefits strategy that can help to reduce administrative burdens, save costs, and provide an improved experience for your employees.

Why should your organization consider a PEP? Join Aon’s experts for a thoughtful discussion on:

  • The basics of a PEP – how they work, and how they help organizations and employees.
  • The benefits to employers – learn how a PEP works for organizations of all sizes.
  • The employee experience – find out how PEPs can help lead to better retirement outcomes for employees.
  • With additional topics: The advantages of a PEP for corporate transactions, real-life case studies and perspectives from the private equity sector.

A PDF of the presentation is available for download.