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Cash Management: Meeting Your Non-Profit Organization’s Needs in a Changing Environment

Against the backdrop of the current economic downturn and tremendous uncertainty for many non-profits, there is a growing need to optimize how cash is managed.

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The COVID-19 pandemic and the ensuing economic crisis have led to heightened scrutiny of investment strategies. Asset owner type and situational requirements demand specific recommendations. For non-profit organizations where multiple asset pools reside on the balance sheet, we have been focused on cash management strategies. We have been active with a number of our non-profit clients in developing a framework for how to think about and manage excess cash above required working capital. We realize that every organization has different circumstances and needs, and the appropriate investment will be based on risk tolerances and timelines. To help guide a conversation on your cash management strategy, we discuss:

  • Why think strategically about cash
  • Questions to consider prior to developing a strategy
  • Developing a cash management strategy