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Navigating Uncertainty

How HR can make a positive impact in a turbulent market

With dire predictions of a recession, rising healthcare costs, and a turbulent economic market – HR professionals are faced with a daunting challenge. However, with new challenges also comes the time for innovation. This free industry webinar will provide HR professionals with the essential tools and strategies to overcome the most pressing struggles affecting the hiring landscape today. Learn how to leverage the right information and latest data-driven solutions so that you can create long-term value and cost-effectiveness in your talent management programs. Leading industry experts will reveal how to acquire relevant data and use it to make informed decisions that will confidently steer your organization toward a brighter future.

You will learn:

  • How to make accurate and educated decisions to help overcome obstacles, invest in the proper assets, and work toward positive future growth
  • The macro social and economic forces that will continue to shape and disrupt our industries, and what to be aware of
  • Key strategies for utilizing data to enable better decision-making
  • How other employers are effectively using people analytics to advance current and future organizational agendas and strategies