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Global Pension Risk Survey 2019 - Multinational Findings

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The report above is the full findings from Aon's 2019 Global Pension Risk Survey of multinationals. This report focuses on the question: What are multinational scheme sponsors doing to respond to change and address the risks they face?


This is the second edition of the Aon Global Pension Risk Survey to look at global involvement in local pension risk decisions. The survey explores involvement in design, financing and operational aspects of global pension risk management, but with most emphasis on the financing elements.

Questions asked covered responsibilities, areas of concern, strategies and attitudes to key risks and opportunities. The survey therefore covered two of the three major trends that we are observing in global retirement management:

  • global interest and involvement in local retirement plan decisions and actions
  • focus on reducing DB plan risks through design, investment and liability management

This survey did not explore the third major trend – the increasing focus on the effectiveness of DC plan design, financing and operations. This is covered in a separate global survey.

In the local country surveys section, we also summarise the key findings from the Global Pension Risk Surveys we carried out in the UK, US, Canada, Netherlands, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, and Asia-Pacific, with links so you can explore the findings from those surveys in more detail.

These local market surveys focused on the major actions, risks and opportunities in each market, with common themes relating to:

  • long-term objectives
  • managing benefits and liabilities
  • investment strategy
  • hedging pension plan risks
  • delegation of execution
  • monitoring pension risks

This global survey looks at the respective roles of global and local leaders in decisions and actions relating to each of these topics. The participants represent a wide cross-section of global leaders with responsibilities for pension plans. They also represent companies with a wide geographic spread and a wide range of sizes of pension plans.

Unless otherwise indicated, all sources are the Global Pension Risk Survey 2019. Throughout, charts may not add to 100% for reasons of rounding.

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