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14 Factors that Help Risk Managers Take Control of Property Risk

Risk managers find themselves in a difficult position, caught between pressures to reduce costs while mitigating risks and enhancing operational resiliency in a continued hard market. Withstanding these demands and realities requires a fresh perspective and a focus on techniques and insights to ensure risk is holistically managed.  

By identifying and analyzing key property performance indicators, you can develop a stronger risk management program that helps improve your organization’s risk profile while also securing coverage solutions to respond more effectively should you sustain a loss.

These 14 indicators can help you take control of your property risk programs amidst the organizational challenges you may currently face:


Market volatility is driving more organizations to look for better ways to use data in more meaningful ways.  Diagnostic and analytical tools available today can quantify your property risk exposure, identify and prioritize risk mitigation opportunities, and uncover areas for program improvement.